Nick Caserio: We’ll recalibrate as we go with Deshaun Watson

Texans head coach David Culley said on Monday that Tyrod Taylor is the team’s starting quarterback for the first week of the regular season, which doesn’t come as much surprise given the way the offseason, training camp, and preseason played out.

Deshaun Watson remains on the active roster, but hasn’t practiced or done other on-field work with the team while looking for a trade and dealing with a slew of civil lawsuits from masseuses alleging misconduct on Watson’s part. The Texans have not done anything to keep Watson away from the team as they’ve opted to say they’re taking a day-to-day approach to things with the quarterback.

That doesn’t appear to be changing with the season about to start. General Manager Nick Caserio was on Sports Radio 610 on Wednesday and stuck to the party line that the Texans will just continue to evaluate the situation on an ongoing basis.

“I wouldn’t anticipate him playing Sunday and we’ll recalibrate here as we go,” Caserio said.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle wrote last week that nothing will change with the Texans until someone meets Caserio’s high asking price for a trade. It seems unlikely anyone will hit that price while the legal issues remain unresolved and that should make for a lot more chances for people in the Texans organization to offer variations on the day-to-day theme that they’ve adopted with the quarterback.